Why should I become a Verified Professional?

Increase Your Revenue

As a music or sound professional, surely most of you have been seeking for ways to boost your income. With verification, musicians are more likely to work with you.

Boost Your Reliability

Let’s imagine…

If you’re a buyer and are looking for a reliable provider to order a job, you will have the tendency to select jobs that are verified, right? And between two services, you will choose the service that shows verification.

Push up the number of ordered jobs

Obviously, the more offered jobs with high standard and reliable are verified, the more secure buyers will feel. As a result, the number of orders will increase, and your revenue goes up as well.

How Verification works?

Claim your service

To be able to claim a service, you must have to satisfy requirements set by Sound Finder:

– Ensure the service is active.

– This professional has to successfully finish a minimum of 5 orders.

– The service hasn’t been verified before.

When a service meets all requirements above, a “claimable” icon will appear on the service in your dashboard.

After clicking the “Claimable” icon, you will be redirected to the service detail page, then you click on the “CLAIM THIS SERVICE” to send a claim request to Sound Finder.

The cost of claiming a service is $20. 

All checkout steps are implemented in the same way as  other payments.

Admin proceeds the claim

Once having requested verification, Sound Finder will receive the notification and will review.

If successful, Sound Finder will approve your claim:

At that time, a “verified” icon seamlessly is displayed on your service to show that this service is successful claimed.

If unsuccessful, Sound Finder will decline your claim

During the verifying process, if Sound Finder finds that all information given is not correct, then we will decline the request.

In this case, you will receive a notification and a refund.